Stress and Your Orthodontic Journey

Apr 29, 2021

April is Stress Awareness Month, a great time to evaluate your smile health and braces habits! You may not realize it, but stress and oral health are very interconnected. In fact, since the COVID pandemic began, many dentists have seen a surge in stress-related dental issues. This Stress Awareness Month, read on to discover our tips for a healthy and stress-free orthodontic transformation:

How stress can impact your smile journey

Stress can—directly or indirectly—cause many dental and orthodontic issues. Everything from grinding, clenching, biting nails, snacking on unhealthy foods, or even forgetting to practice good oral hygiene can be a sign of stress. Since the pandemic began, up to 70% of dentists across the country have noted spikes with issues like chipped teeth, grinding, and clenching. 

If you are dealing with stress, snacking on guilty pleasure foods, like candy or popcorn, may break your braces. Maintaining good oral hygiene can be extra challenging during treatment since braces create additional hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. Therefore, if you slack off on brushing or flossing due to stress, it can easily lead to cavities or gum disease, which can slow down your treatment.

A stress-free treatment

No matter what is going on, focus on healthy habits! Taking good care of your braces and aligners can ensure you have a stress-free treatment and a gorgeous end result.

Brush and floss after eating or drinking anything other than water—even if it’s after a late-night snack! Wear mouth protection if you’re playing sports. And don’t skip regular dental appointments. Finally, be sure to follow our team’s instructions about all things orthodontics. Forgetting to wear your retainer, keeping your aligners out, or eating the wrong foods for braces can leave you with a less-than-picture-perfect smile and a stressful situation.

Book your next appointment

This month, focus on de-stressing and enjoying a healthy smile transformation journey with good oral hygiene habits. Have any questions about caring for your smile? Call our team to book your next stress-free appointment at our practice!