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At Hutta Orthodontic Specialists, we stay up to date on the latest advancements in orthodontics. When you trust us to care for your smile, you should only expect the best. That is why we offer the most cutting-edge technologies for the smoothest treatment possible.

Delivering confident smiles is our passion, so we are constantly seeking out the most advanced tools and continuing education for safe, effective, and comfortable care. From imaging technology like iTero intraoral scanners to safety equipment like high-speed suctions, we are invested in creating healthy, happy smiles. Here are some of the many technologies we love.

Damon Braces (Clear Brackets)

Damon Braces
(Clear Brackets)

In the field of dentistry, Invisalign is a well-recognized name. However, Invisalign is not your only clear aligner option at our practice. As well as being an Ohio Invisalign provider, we offer other clear dental aligners, including 3D, custom-printed ones created by our team in Columbus. By staying up to date on the technological advancements in dentistry and utilizing our years of experience studying dental care, we commit ourselves to design the best treatments for every patient. With this technology, patients get stunning results quickly, comfortably, and affordably. Plus, unlike with Invisalign, if patients misplace trays or need an adjustment to their plan, we can efficiently print new trays in our office. In comparison, each lost tray or adjustment may extend your treatment as you wait for Invisalign to create new trays off-site.

Advanced Imaging Technology

When we’re designing your orthodontic treatment plan, we evaluate everything that makes up your smile: from your jaw, teeth, and gums to your soft tissues and facial structure. Our imaging technology allows us to customize an ideal treatment plan for each individual patient.

3D CT Scanners

Our 3D CT scanners produce high-resolution, three-dimensional dental images. Creating a bio-model of the teeth, soft tissues, and jaw, our orthodontists can utilize this advanced imaging to assess your smile and create a detailed plan.

iTero Intraoral Scanners

Rather than using goopy, dental impression molds, the iTero intraoral scanner allows us to easily scan your teeth. It creates a precise 3D model of your teeth and gums for more comfortable, accurate treatment.

Advanced Imaging Technology
State-of-the-Art Safety

State-of-the-Art Safety

To successfully deliver aligned smiles to our patients, we prioritize maintaining a safe, clean office environment. That is why we use high-tech devices, like a protected UV light ventilation system and high-speed suction evacuation systems to keep our space free of dangerous contaminants, infectious materials, and the spread of aerosols.

3D Printers

We are always looking to serve our patients as best we can. This is why we became the first orthodontic office in Ohio to invest in a 3D printer. After using our advanced imaging, we can create custom aligners for your teeth using our 3D printer. With technology, creating precise, customized treatment plans has never been easier.

3D Printers
Soft Tissue Lasers

Soft Tissue Lasers

Our soft tissue lasers allow us to properly prepare the teeth and gums for orthodontic treatment as well as create an ideal, balanced smile. With the laser, we can recontour or reshape gum tissue when necessary, delivering the ideal tooth-to-gingival balance for enhanced confidence.

Temporary Anchorage Devices

In some cases, temporary anchorage devices (TADs) can play a key role in achieving an aligned smile. These small, screw-like, temporary dental implants provide a stable anchorage, so our experts can move teeth more precisely. TADs can also be used for temporary replacement of missing teeth.

Temporary Anchorage Devices

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