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Orthodontic Treatment in Worthington

Expert orthodontic care doesn’t just change your teeth—it can change your life. As a family-run practice, we treat our patients like family. Each day, we work with the most advanced techniques, tools, and technologies to inspire confidence, one smile at a time.


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Find an Expert Orthodontist

Find an Expert Orthodontist

There are many orthodontic specialists across Ohio. However, when it comes to your smile, you deserve the very best. Our Worthington-based office has provided trustworthy, exceptional care for decades.

More goes into orthodontics than only shifting teeth. This dental specialty requires precise movement of teeth through bone and gums for an aesthetic, healthy result. If you receive subpar treatment, there can be serious consequences. Moving teeth too quickly can result in permanent damage. A poorly designed plan can lead to an unhealthy bite, reduced oral function, and a less-than-dazzling grin. Visiting a trusted, industry-leading orthodontist is the only way to ensure a safe, healthy, and aesthetic result.

Advanced Orthodontics: No More Traditional Braces

If you think about orthodontics, do words like “clunky” or “painful” come to mind? Fortunately, treatment today is nothing like the traditional metal braces of years ago. While older appliances were large on teeth, notoriously uncomfortable, and needed frequent adjustments, modern appliances are more comfortable, hygienic, and customized than ever.

Advanced Orthodontics: No More Traditional Braces
Orthodontic Care in Worthington

Orthodontic Care in Worthington

We are happy to welcome all patients into our care. And we proudly make each patient part of our family. Whether we are meeting your child in the office or conducting a virtual consultation for a busy adult, we provide a comfortable family environment that is led by our specialists and equipped with the most advanced treatments.

From interceptive treatment to adult braces, we align teeth and boost confidence with you in mind. Gone are the days of uncomfortable, clunky, or painful appliances. Modern orthodontics are extra comfortable, effective, and streamlined. With Damon self-ligating technology and InsignaTM customized appliances, you will truly receive a one-of-a-kind treatment that is perfect for your unique needs.

Invisalign Isn't Your Only Choice

Invisalign® Isn’t Your Only Choice

These days, orthodontics is not just for kids. Across Ohio, more and more patients are adults seeking a healthier, happier smile. For people with on-the-go lifestyles who want a discreet treatment, there are more options than ever. While there are several types of clear aligners that we offer, including our own custom, 3D-printed aligners and Invisalign, we are also proud to offer Damon Clear Braces, a self-ligating innovation that delivers excellent results. These less noticeable appliances treat a wider range of needs than plastic aligners, ensuring that you will get the smile you love.

Learn What We Can Do for You

Learn What We Can Do for You

If you are interested in transforming your teeth, bite, jaw, oral hygiene, and confidence with orthodontics, come visit us for a complimentary consultation.

At our office, you’ll meet our expert orthodontists and share a smile with our skilled, friendly team. We will review your health history, discuss your goals, and assess your smile. Next, your orthodontist will create a custom plan for you, answer any questions you may have, and get you started on your orthodontic journey. Throughout the process, our top priorities are always your dental health, comfort, and happiness. We are proud to be friendly, open, and transparent. We want you to be as invested in your healthy smile as we are. No questions are ever too big or small for our team.

Get a Smile You’ll Love

Interested in a smile makeover for yourself or your child? Schedule your complimentary consultation and learn how orthodontics can impact your teeth, health, and confidence. Whether you are interested in transforming your oral health, correcting misalignments, or touching up your teeth for a big occasion, we are ready to make your dreams a reality. If you have not been to an orthodontic office for a long time or if you are visiting for the first time ever, we can’t wait to meet you, exceed your expectations, and welcome you into our family.

Conveniently located in Worthington, we proudly serve the greater Central Ohio area. Need more convincing? Read our reviews to see more about why patients love our specialists and team.

Get a Smile You'll Love
More Ways to Join Our Family

More Ways to Join Our Family

These days, we understand that patients are busier than ever. From after-school activities to packed schedules, we respect your time and energy. This is why we offer several convenient ways to begin your smile journey. Come by the Worthington office in person to discuss orthodontics or choose an online virtual consultation. Simply take some photos and answer several questions and our experts will be in touch—no strings attached. No matter how you begin your journey, we are so excited for you or your child! Book your appointment today to get started.