5 Things Every Orthodontic Patient Should Pack on Vacation

Jun 30, 2019

It’s finally summertime, and that means summer vacation! If you’re planning to travel with braces this summer, our team at Hutta & Cook Orthodontics has some extra tips for keeping your braces healthy and clean when you’re on the go!  

Here’s a list of items you should keep on hand when traveling with braces:

1. Dental floss or another interdental cleaner. While it might be tempting to leave behind your floss on vacation, it’s so important that you throw that travel-sized floss in your suitcase. Otherwise, you risk getting food debris trapped in the hidden crevices of your wires, bands, and teeth. 

2. Reusable water bottle. Drinking water is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your braces clean.

3. Travel toothbrush or Colgate® Wisp® disposable toothbrushes. When you have braces, food debris is more likely to get trapped in your teeth after a meal or snack. Make sure to have a brush nearby so you don’t get caught in this uncomfortable situation when you’re on the go. 

4. Orthodontic wax. Always remember to throw some orthodontic wax into your suitcase in case you experience discomfort from protruding wires while on vacation. You don’t want this unnecessary pain to get in the way of your fun!

5. Small mirror. Carry a small mirror with you so that you can examine your mouth for any possible orthodontic issues.  

If you do happen to experience a problem or painful situation with your braces while out of town, don’t wait out the discomfort! Call our office, and we can help to troubleshoot the issue. Additionally, we suggest searching online to find other orthodontic practices near you. Most orthodontists will be happy to help you in the case of an emergency. Then, when you’re back in town, you can schedule an appointment with your regular doctor to resolve the situation. 

If you follow these tips on your vacation, you can be sure to have a fun and worry-free trip! Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.