Orthodontic Myth Buster

Dec 21, 2021

These days, we have access to incredible amounts of information, but not all of it is reliable. Whether kids are spreading rumors on the playground or parents are browsing social media, there is plenty of orthodontic misinformation to go around. If you’re starting your orthodontic journey this winter, you may need help navigating all the information that comes your way. Our team has compiled some common myths to help you sort facts from fiction.

Common orthodontic myths

Dentists and orthodontists do the same thing. While dentists and orthodontists both keep your smile healthy, they perform very different jobs. Orthodontics is a specialized field within dentistry that requires additional years of study and training. Unlike general dentists, orthodontists are experts in correcting bites, aligning teeth, and even influencing facial growth.

Braces and aligners are only for kids. Patients of all ages can have braces! While starting treatment sooner means more time to enjoy your beautiful smile, there is absolutely no such thing as being too old when it comes to oral health. Metal self-ligating braces are very popular with adults, as are other more discreet options, such as clear aligners or clear braces.

Braces set off metal detectors. Busted! Braces are made of metals that will not interfere with metal detectors. No need to worry about your braces on your next trip through TSA this holiday season!

Replace your toothbrush once the bristles have frayed. Replacing your toothbrush is a very important part of avoiding bacterial growth. Your toothbrush is supposed to help keep your teeth clean, not contribute to bacteria build-up. A good rule of thumb is that you should replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. If you get sick, replace it sooner.

You can’t play an instrument with braces. If you could play a musical instrument before having braces, you will be able to play one with braces. It might feel slightly different for those playing wind instruments, but after a brief adjustment period, you should be ready to play like normal.

Braces are for people with major orthodontic problems. There are treatment options for a wide range of orthodontic issues—no matter how minor or how severe. Our team of experts can help you achieve a smile that is as gorgeous as it is healthy.

This winter, don’t let orthodontic urban legends hold you back! If you are ready to gift yourself the confidence that comes with a healthy smile, book your appointment with Hutta Orthodontic Specialists. It’s time to get one step closer to your smile goals in the coming new year!