Celebrating Halloween With Braces

Oct 29, 2020

Halloween is a time for ghoulish fun, delicious candy, and amazing costumes! However, if you are new to braces, you may not be sure how to approach Halloween this year. Read on for some costume inspiration and braces-friendly tips for a safe and happy Halloween!

Costume ideas for your braces

Rather than hide your braces this holiday, let them shine! There are plenty of costume options that feature your orthodontic work proudly. Sometimes, braces may even enhance your costume!

Darla: This is an easy costume that will bring back memories from one of the best childhood movies of all time, Finding Nemo! Just grab a purple sweater and tie your hair into pigtails. For an added touch, fill a plastic baggie with water and add a fake fish. Voila…it’s Darla!

Chuckie Finster: A main character from Rugrats and Rugrats All Grown Up, Chuckie will surely get people to appreciate this throwback look. Get a pair of fake glasses and use a messy bright orange wig to complete your costume.

Robot or futuristic character: Take your Halloween costume to the year 3000! Embrace your silver wires and brackets and choose an all-metallic getup for a futuristic or robotic look. We’re sure it’ll be a fun hit!

Whatever you want! Since you can choose any o-ring color that you’d like, coordinate the band colors with your costume. Going as your favorite football player? Choose the team colors for your o-rings. Going as a Disney princess? Match the o-rings to your dress.

Halloween candy tips

Even though having braces means that the variety of candy you eat is somewhat limited, you can still embrace the holiday! Just be sure that you enjoy your holiday safely. Always avoid sticky, chewy, and hard candies that may damage braces, bend wires, or pop off brackets. These candies also tend to get stuck in the grooves of your teeth, leading to acid erosion, tooth decay, and cavities. 

Instead, opt for soft chocolates that are braces-friendly and wash away quickly. These are safe for braces and still delicious! As always, be sure to brush and floss after enjoying any sweet snack. Rinsing your mouth out with water can be a great way to pre-loosen and wash away any food particles before brushing and flossing. If possible, try to limit your candy eating to mealtimes, and, as always, enjoy any sweets in moderation.

With an awesome costume as well as some simple dental and braces tips, you can enjoy a spooky and safe Halloween!