Fall in Love with Your Smile This Valentine’s Day

Feb 10, 2021

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “turn that frown upside down!” But what makes smiling and having a confident, healthy smile so important? This Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing why you should fall in love with your smile!

How we help you love your smile

Orthodontists do more than just straighten teeth! By taking into account your facial structure, dental health, and preferences, we deliver confident smiles that exceed your aesthetic and health goals. Needless to say, your teeth alignment, jaw, and bite all play a big role during this process. Using braces, clear aligners, or other appliances, we can treat problems, prevent them from worsening, and set you up with a smile that is as beautiful as it is healthy. With personalized, friendly care that you love, we’ll keep you smiling in the office and beyond.

Once we help you have a picture-perfect smile, you’ll find yourself smiling proudly and more often! Not being afraid or too insecure to flash a smile has many surprising benefits. Here are our top three favorites.

  1. Smiling has health-boosting benefits. Cracking a smile releases serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins (known as the “feel-good neurotransmitters”). This process helps us relax, lowers stress, and can trick your brain into feeling happier—even if you are only forcing a smile. Research also shows that smiling lowers your heart rate and blood pressure while boosting your immune system.
  1. Smiling makes you more attractive. Smiles are one of our most noticeable and memorable features. According to research, people see those who smile often as more attractive. And, it gives others the impression that you are friendly, fun, and pleasant to be around. Even better, smiles are contagious and make others happy, too!
  1. Smiling improves your confidence. More than one-third of Americans are insecure about their smiles—hiding them when laughing, keeping their mouth closed, and trying to hide smile imperfections while around others. When you are confident in your smile, you’ll happily show off that vibrant grin without wasting time feeling insecure.

Get the smile you love!

Everyone deserves to love their smile—this Valentine’s Day and every day. If you are ready to get a more confident and healthy grin, call us today to book your appointment. We can’t wait to watch your smile journey unfold!