Dangerous Do-It-Yourself Orthodontics

Jun 2, 2017

Over the past few years, do-it-yourself orthodontics has gained popularity with how-to videos popping up and gaining ground on YouTube and Pinterest. This is very concerning to all of us at Hutta & Cook Orthodontics because those who advocate for DIY orthodontic strategies have zero orthodontic or dental experience. The more videos we see, the more worried we are all becoming about what could be a very dangerous experiment. DIY orthodontics could result in severe gum disease or even the loss of your teeth.

Most of the DIY treatments involve the wearing of small, tight rubber bands stretched across gapped teeth to try and close the gap. These elastics are not purchased through an orthodontist or dentist; some video bloggers we saw even bought them at Wal-Mart or other super stores. These elastics can ride up into the gums, causing infection or even the loss of the tooth at the root. Moving and straightening teeth is a very delicate process that requires years of training by an orthodontist, and the methods prescribed in these YouTube videos are not even close to how we would go about moving a patient’s teeth.

There’s a reason that proper orthodontic treatment takes time. When you straighten your teeth, you still have to take care of your entire mouth. Keeping your gums safe while also straightening your teeth requires careful and strategic movements. And now with new technology, braces are more efficient and comfortable than ever.

People who try DIY orthodontics are looking for a cheap, quick fix for their teeth, it can end up costing much more to repair the damage caused by this hazardous method. This dangerous, elastic band technique makes it much easier for infection to set into the gums and can effectively cut off the teeth from the gums. For a straighter smile, it is necessary to visit a proper orthodontic practice. Only a qualified and experienced orthodontist, like Dr. Hutta or Dr. Cook, can create a beautiful smile while keeping your teeth and gums healthy.