5 Benefits of Early Orthodontics

Oct 9, 2019

Braces are often associated with the teenage years, but with advances in orthodontic technology, now younger people can reap the benefits of orthodontic treatment, too! In fact, orthodontists recommend that you take your child in for an initial evaluation before the age of seven. It may seem young, but an early appointment allows us to evaluate the jaw, bones, teeth, and mouth to determine if your child is an ideal candidate for early treatment. Early orthodontics, also called Phase 1 Orthodontics, offers many benefits for children. We’ve collected some reasons why Dr. Hutta and Dr. Cook love early intervention!

1. It’s proactive

When we introduce braces, expanders, or other orthodontic appliances early, we can work to prevent issues with misaligned bites and crowding before they have time to develop or worsen! This means that your child will have healthier, better-aligned adult teeth as soon as they erupt.

2. It reduces the risk of tooth decay

When teeth are crowded, it makes it more difficult for children to brush and floss properly. By guiding bone development, we can help teeth erupt without crowding, allowing your child to properly care for his or her mouth before, during, and after orthodontic treatment.

3. It can lead to fewer extractions

By making sure that there is enough room for your child’s new adult teeth, we can minimize the number of teeth that may need to be extracted. Since all of our teeth play important (and different!) roles in biting, chewing, or speaking, it’s always ideal to keep extractions to a minimum.

4. It improves the smile’s appearance  

After Phase I treatment, the smile and bite alignment will be more symmetrical. This can increase your child’s self-esteem and confidence levels—even before he or she begins Phase 2 treatment.

5. It saves time, money, and pain

Early orthodontic appliances work with your child’s natural growth to make getting a perfectly aligned bite, jaw, and teeth a breeze! Overall, early intervention can make fine-tuning your child’s smile during Phase 2 far quicker, while helping smiles look beautiful and feel healthy throughout the entire experience.

If your child hasn’t had an initial evaluation with Dr. Hutta or Dr. Cook, make an appointment to come to Hutta & Cook Orthodontics today. In many cases, early orthodontic intervention can produce results that would never be possible if you wait until all adult teeth erupt. Don’t hesitate to contact us now so that we can come up with a preemptive treatment plan!