How 3-D Printing Can Help Give You Your Perfect Smile

Jan 30, 2016

When you think of 3-D printing, you probably think of the technology being used for the most high-tech industries, like aerospace, the military, the medical field, and the automotive industry. But 3-D printing technology has also made its way into orthodontia; 3-D printers help us straighten our patients’ smiles by being a part of the production of the most accurate aligners yet. At Hutta & Cook Orthodontics, we are proud to be one of the first orthodontia or dentistry practices in Central Ohio to use this advanced technology.

We use 3-D printing every day, and it has made the process of straightening our patients’ teeth easier and more efficient. Hutta & Cook Orthodontics offer only the best technology available for clear active aligners, called Orchestrate 3D (O3D). Like Invisalign, Orchestrate provides an alternative to metal braces; but that is where the similarity ends. Orchestrate allows our doctors the flexibility to change prescription mid-treatment if necessary and control the process every step of the way.  To make these unique, custom aligners that fit each patient’s mouth perfectly, a digital scan is taken of the patient’s teeth/bite using the Orchestrate software program.   Orchestrate displays a 3-D computer model of the patient’s teeth. Dr. Hutta and Dr. Cook use the 3-D computer model to manipulate each individual tooth into the desired position for a perfect bite. The information is sent to the 3-D laser printer, which prints out a succession of polymer models. Each model in the series is made with progressive movement toward the treatment goal and used as a mold to make an active aligner for the patient to wear. An aligner is worn approximately two weeks before moving on to the next active aligner in the series.

Because we have the 3-D printer in our office, we have more control over aligner production and turn-a-round time, and since we don’t have to pay a third-party company or lab, the cost savings is passed on to our patients. The Orchestrate aligners are perfectly fitted to each patient’s smile and orthodontic needs. Orchestrate aligners are comfortable to wear, and are virtually invisible, which is a definite benefit for both adults and teens.

At Hutta & Cook Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on being innovative leaders, continuously reaching to provide the best patient care possible. Our 3-D printer and Orchestrate technology has helped us improve our patients’ experiences, while also improving orthodontic care.